Clean Gear of Connecticut. Whether it's horse gear, sports gear, work gear, play gear, dirty household gear or foot gear - we clean it.

Tough-to-clean household items

Fire? Flood? Four months in a damp basement? We can clean that!

When it comes to household item cleaning, we have you covered. At Clean Gear of Connecticut, we can clean and restore a wide variety of household items to almost near-new shape no matter how marred or soiled they have become.

Whether it’s your favorite Ugg boots, a hand-me-down teddy bear or a swanky suede handbag, sentimental household items are just as susceptible to mold, mildew and mud damage as any other easily-cleaned item.  When you introduce smoke or mud from a fire or flood, yesterday’s treasures can easily become tomorrow’s trash.

Our Esporta ES 3300 has proven to be particularly effective at household item cleaning. It is great for reconditioning soft goods and returning them very near to their former luster. When conventional household washers or traditional dry-cleaners won’t clean an item, chances are pretty good we can get the job done.

We clean Ugg Boots and other Household Item Cleaning.

Returned to their original Uggliness.

For example, a pair of Ugg Boots left in a damp basement over a summer can become a breeding ground for every species of mold known to mankind. You’d be tempted to pitch them and move on. However, when run through our four-stage cleaning cycle, we’ve seen Uggs come out looking and smelling as if they’d just come from an unopened shoe box (save the wear and tear they endured prior to getting dirty).

We can clean the following household items:

– winter boots – hiking boots – leather slippers
– suede coats – leather coats – suede handbags
– leather handbags – suede or leather hats – stuffed animals or dolls
– throw or bed pillows – bedding  – curtains or drapes


If you’ve had a flood, contended with smoke damage or have household items that have been marred by biological contaminants (mold, mildew, etc.), let us have a look. Chances are pretty good we can return them to their former splendor.

At Clean Gear of Connecticut we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the services we provide. Please feel free to email or contact our office 1 (203) 288-5000 to talk about gear you need to be cleaned.

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