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Horse Blankets

Horses don’t care what they roll in. But Horse Blanket owners should!

Here at Clean Gear of Connecticut, we know a thing or two about farm life (we married into a well-established farming family). We also know a thing or two about horse blanket cleaning. We understand the importance of keeping things like stable blankets, horse sheets, turnout blankets, and hoods or neck covers free from stable, paddock and field muck and horse manure which can damage their integrity and reduce their lifespan.

Washed and Dried to Manufacturer’s Specifications
Our horse blanket cleaning process involves us pre-cleaning, washing and line-drying your horse blankets according to manufacturer’s directions using only non-detergent soap that will not damage waterproofing.

Good Horse Blanket Cleaning Practice - line-drying blankets prior to final brushing.

Blankets are line-dried after being cleaned and sanitized.

We vacuum, pre-wash by hand, and inspect your horse blankets for damage prior to machine laundering.  We will stabilize tears to prevent any further damage during the machine washing process.  Once washed, we will line-dry your horse blanket until it’s completely free of moisture and then brush out any remaining hair. 

Excessively Matted or Extensive Repairs may Require an Upcharge
Most minor repairs we make are included in the cost; occasionally we may have to charge or send the blanket out for more extensive repairs. We will get your approval for those costs. Additionally, while there is no such thing as a blanket or sheet being too dirty for us to tackle, we will append a small up-charge for blankets with excessively matted hair (this keeps our normal prices low as excessive hair does put a strain on our machines).

Good Horse Blanket Cleaning Practice - packaging cleaned blankets in heavy-duty plastic.

Ready for pickup.

When they are completely dried, all items are sealed in a clear plastic bag for your convenience. We will either deliver them to your location or make them available for pick-up during our opening hours.



At Clean Gear of Connecticut we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the services we provide. Please feel free to email or contact our office 1 (203) 288-5000 to talk about gear you need to be cleaned.

[nggallery id=3 template=slickgallery] Why should you clean your horse blankets? The ammonia found in urine and manure act like acid on fabric, greatly reducing the strength and life of the garment, thus making it easier for horses to rip. The worst thing that many people do is store dirty blankets for the summer. The sun and heat will bake that ammonia into the blanket, leaving permanent stains and weakening the fabric. When you are ready to store your blankets for the summer, please make certain to clean them first! Regular cleaning helps ensure a healthy environment and extends the life of your expensive blankets, pads, and other gear.