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Don’t say NO to MRSA; say WHOA!!!! to MRSA

Time for THE DIRT on MRSA. If you play hockey – you know your gear stinks. Maybe not initially or maybe not all the time, but after a tough workout or a hard-fought game, that smell wafts up. The smell is caused by the microorganisms living in your gear! There’s Staph, Mold, other fungi. But the worst is MRSA.

This virus can mess you up. And you get it from having open wounds get in contact with dirty gear. Like that’s never gonna happen, right? We found this article from Deadspin to be on point about the dangers of MRSA. If, after reading it, you contact us and mention “I”m A Bit Frightened”, we’ll give you $5 off your first cleaning. There’s nothing worse than a frightened hockey player. And, let’s face it – this is a bit frightening: Bring in a few teammates gear and your’s will be free

Nasty! Hurts as bad as it looks.


If you bring in a few teammates gear, yours will be on the house.